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A til B is a limited company that was founded in 1994 by Petter Berntsen, Jan Erik Johansen and Erik Birkeland. Their business idea is to be a better alternative to today's transport and courier service offerings. The concept is built on professional modes of transport with an emphasis on service-oriented drivers, well-thought-out logistics and communication systems based on our clients' needs for transport.A til B AS has an office in Fjordveien 3, centrally in Høvik just outside Oslo and is also represented in the following cities: Oslo, Sandefjord, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen, Ålesund, Molde, Trondheim, Bodø, Bardufoss, Harstad and Tromsø.


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A2B Greener Delivery - Kotiinkuljetus

A2B Greener Delivery - Saman päivän toimitus

A2B Greener Delivery - Yön yli toimitus

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