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DPD Local

DPDgroup is the largest parcel delivery network in Europe, the company is based in France and operates mainly in the express road-based market. DPDgroup is the parcel delivery network of GeoPost (parent organization), which posted sales of €11 billion in 2020. With 97,000 delivery experts and a network of more than 58,000 Pickup points, they deliver 7.5 million parcels each day – 1.9 billion parcels per year – through the brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT. Their international network covers more than 230 countries all over the world. Their services include: business delivery, home delivery, Out-of-home delivery, Healthcare delivery, food delivery


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart

DPD Air Classic

DPD Air Express

DPD Classic Parcel

DPD Direct

DPD Direct Southern Ireland

DPD Express Document

DPD Express EU

DPD Express Parcel

DPD Expresspak

Expresspak1 by 10:30

Expresspak1 by 12

Expresspak1 homecall

Expresspak1 next day

Expresspak1 sat 10:30

Expresspak1 sat 12

Expresspak1 saturday

Expresspak1 sun 10:30

Expresspak1 sun 12:00

Expresspak1 sunday

Expresspak5 by 10:30

Expresspak5 by 12

Expresspak5 homecall

Expresspak5 next day

Expresspak5 sat 10:30

Expresspak5 sat 12

Expresspak5 saturday

Expresspak5 sun 10:30

Expresspak5 sun 12:00

Expresspak5 sunday

Freight by 10:30

Freight by 12

Freight homecall

Freight Next Day

Freight Sat 10:30

Freight sat 12

Freight Saturday

Freight Sun 10:30

Freight Sun 12:00

Freight Sunday

Parcel by 10:30

Parcel by 12

Parcel homecall

Parcel Next Day

Parcel Sat 10:30

Parcel sat 12

Parcel Saturday

Parcel Sun 10:30

Parcel Sun 12:00

Parcel Sunday

Parcel Two Day

Reverse-it next day

Reverse-it two day

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