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Fafe Trans

FAFE trans AS is 100% owned by FAFE AS. FAFE trans AS was founded in June 2002 by Anne-Grethe.The company started driving for Tollpost Globe and in 2008 had 22 cars in operation. They currently distribute food and general cargo in closed cabinets, and currently have around 40 cars FAFE AS owned 50% of T. Malo transport AS together with Agnes and Terje Malo (This company was engaged in the transport of live fish) FAFE trans AS's cars are equipped with closed cabinets with units, 1, 2 and 3 temperature zones. Cabinets and cars are approved by the respective inspections for food transport. The cars mostly have a full side opening and are therefore well suited for other general cargo driving and xpress freight as well. Their traffic route is in Norway


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  • Norway

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