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Fan Courier

They are the leading courier service in Romania since 2006 and they want to continue to be a reliable partner of all those who choose our services, with the same passion and dedication for each delivery. Every night, the FAN Courier cars cross 103.348 kilometers covering 137 routes over the entire country. They have national coverage of 100%, 138 branches throughout the country and a fleet of over 4288 vehicles, always ready to reach any point in Romania in a short time. Year after year, the number of localities included without additional kilometers increases, our shipping services being available both nationally and internationally through strong partnerships.


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart

Caiet Sarcini

Cont Colector

Expediere Internationala

ExpressLoco 1H

ExpressLoco 1H-Cont Colector

ExpressLoco 2H

ExpressLoco 2H-Cont Colector

ExpressLoco 4H

ExpressLoco 4H-Cont Colector

ExpressLoco 6H

ExpressLoco 6H-Cont Colector

Red code-Cont Colector



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  • Romania

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