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FedEx Poland

FedEx Express is connecting people and possibilities, giving customers the advantage of accessing the world's largest express air network and an unrivaled European road network. In Poland FedEx offers a full range of domestic courier services for parcels (up to 70 kg) and pallet (up to 800 kg).
The domestic network consists of 2 hubs located in Łomianki and Łódź, over 40 branches, about 2,000 couriers and a network of pick up and drop off points built in cooperation with retail partners. With FedEx Next Day service, delivery before the end of the next business day is guaranteed. For urgent shipments time definite deliveries before 9:00 or 12:00 are available. FedEx offers number of solutions for e-commerce, including: door to door delivery, delivery directly to FedEx location, application for recipients to manage their delivery as well as easy returns and shipping directly from retail point.


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