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Helthjem, which is one of Norway's fastest-growing logistics companies, was founded by the Norwegian media houses Schibsted, Amedia, and Polaris in 2015. The company uses a home delivery network that distributes newspapers, magazines, e-commerce parcels, and food products in Norway. Helthjem has revolutionized the Norwegian logistics market by delivering to the customers' doorstep or mailbox in express time, in addition to having 1300 delivery locations. With a focus on circular consumption, Helthjem is also rethinking the way customers send things between one another in regard to second-hand sales


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart

100% helthjem ekspress

100% helthjem frekvent

100% helthjem standard

B2B inNight

B2B inNight Pall



helthjem - abonnement

helthjem - ekspress

helthjem - ekspress / hent i butikk

helthjem - ekspress / postpakke

helthjem - hent i butikk

helthjem - hentepakke

helthjem - personlig hjemlevering

helthjem - personlig levering

helthjem - retur / retur hent i butikk

helthjem - retur hent i butikk

helthjem - returpakke

helthjem - standard

helthjem - standard / hent i butikk

helthjem - standard / postpakke

helthjem - stykkgods

Helthjem abonnement

Helthjem ekspress

Helthjem ekspress m/Hent i butikk

Helthjem ekspress/standard

Helthjem en-til-en m/B-post

Helthjem Hentepakke

helthjem m/hent i butikk

Helthjem personlig levering

Helthjem retur m/retur via butikk

Helthjem returpakke

Helthjem same day med Oda

helthjem samlesending

Helthjem standard

Helthjem varebrev

Helthjem varebrev m/Hent i butikk

Hent i butikk

Mypack Retur

Personlig hjemlevering

retur hent i butikk


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