Jetpak is a strong brand with more than 30 years of experience in the transport industry (founded in 1979 by Linjeflyg). Jetpak has an international network comprising more than 150 locations, access to over 700 vechicles and an extensive air route network of over 3.800 flights every 24 hours. Currently it has offices in Denmark, Finland, Baltic region, Estonia, United Kingdom (Aberdeen, Birmingham, Manchester and London Heathrow), Benelux area (Amsterdam, Brussels and Düsseldorf) and Poland (Warszawa, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw). The clients can choose between door-to-door, airport-to-door and airport-to-airport services. They provide late pick-ups from warehouses around central Europe and early deliveries all over the Nordics. The use of commercial flights enables them to offer short transit times and due to their exclusive use of most airports in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland they can offer a unique and extensive coverage for the client needs.


Available Services


Stykgods retur

Jetbud Volum

OSL TeliaSonera Return

NO Solar Fastbox


NO Norsvin Trondheim

NO Norsvin Østlandet distribusjon

Customer Specific Jetpak

Customer Specific 2

BGO Bildeler Distribusjon

Customer Specific Jetpak-Rutekjøring

NO Nextday Special

NO Møller Distr Ryen Retur


NO Jetpak Midday

Jetpak General Cargo

NO JetPak Direct Volume

NO Jetpak Midday Volume

Jetpak General Cargo Volum

NO Collicare Flight

JetpakDirect Special

NO Jetpak End of Day

NO Jetpak End of Day Volume


NO TeliaSonera Return

NO Jetpak Direct Partner

NO Jetpak Direct Partner Volume

Customer Specific 1

JetpakDirect aftale


JetpakEconomy Volum

Jetpak End of Day

JetPakDirect Forwarder

Jetpak Movianto

Jetpak HCP

Jetpak visumservice

Jetpak Direct Partner

Jetpak Direct Partner Volume

DK Jetpak Direct Volume

DK Jetpak Direct

DK Jetpak Direct Partner

DK Jetpak Direct Partner Volume

DK Jetpak Next day 16:00 Volume

Jetpak Bud

Jetpak Bud Aftale

Jetpak Bud forwarder

Jetpak unisport


SE Jetpak Direct

Jetpak Morning

Jetpak Midday

Jetpak Special Flyg

SE Jetpak Direct Partner

SE Jetpak Direct Partner Volume

Distribution, Solar

FI JetpakDirect

FI Jetpak Direct Partner

FI Jetpak Direct Partner Volume

Jetpak Borg


Jetpak Idag

Jetpak Imorgon Dag

Jetpak Imorgon Kväll

Jetpak Imorgon Morgon

Express 09 B2B Domestic

Express 12 B2B Domestic

Express Evening B2C Domestic

Express 1 Hour B2B Domestic

Express 1 Hour B2C Domestic

Express 3 Hour B2B Domestic

Express 3 Hour B2C Domestic

Where we send to and from

Origin Countries

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden


  • Denmark
  • Norway

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