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Nimber is a matching platform for deliveries that offer to ship both to company and private customers. Since 2021 when it all started, they have grown to become the first choice of over 100,000 companies, retailers, and individuals when it comes to deliveries.


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart

Bedriftspakke 08.00-16.00

Hentes/Levereres innen 1 timer

Hentes/Levereres innen 2 timer

Hentes/Levereres innen 3 timer

Hentes/Levereres innen 4 timer

Hjemlevering med en sjåfør

Levering innenfor dør 11.00-21.00

Levering på dør 11.00-21.00

Pakke i postkassen 1-3 virkedager

Pakke på Døren 17.00-21.00

Pakke til hentested 2-3 virkedager

Samme dag levering 8.00-16.00

VIP Henter/Leveres rask

Where we send to and from

Origin Countries

  • Norway


  • Norway

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