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Professional Parcel Logistic

Professional Parcel Logistic was founded in 1995. In addition to delivery for companies and entrepreneurs, it also offers solutions for private individuals with the Package for You service. The company specializes in parcel transport not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe. It employs over 750 workers and 2.000 drivers, who deliver tens of millions of shipments a year. In March 2006, PPL CZ became a member of the Deutsche Post DHL Group and is currently part of the DHL eCommerce Solutions division. Professional Parcel Logistic has 21 parcel depots, a central transshipment point, and an extensive network of dispensing and delivery points - PPL Parcelshops, which you can now find more than 2.500 throughout the Czech Republic.


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart

Parcel CZ Smart

Parcel CZ Smart – COD

Pickup Orders

PPL Parcel Connect (36)

PPL Parcel Connect Dobírka (37)

PPL Parcel CZ Business

PPL Parcel CZ Business - COD (2)

PPL Parcel CZ Private - COD (14)

PPL Parcel CZ Private (13)

PPL Parcel Return CZ

Where we send to and from

Origin Countries

  • Czech Republic


  • Czech Republic

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