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Purolator started in 1960 with a team of two. In addition to a large green fleet in Canada, Purolator has over 1.000 new vehicles with advanced technology to improve delivery performance and safety. They enhance their retail network through upgraded stores, their Mobile Quick Stop service, and convenient new pick-up and delivery options. They've created 3000 new jobs over the past three years and invests in training, diversity, and inclusion. They have 176 Operations facilities, 104 Shipping Centres, 1.370 Authorized Shipping Agents, and 208 Drop Boxes. As vehicles, they have 307 Hybrid-electric vehicles, 3.140 Courier vehicles, 182 Straight trucks, 2005 Trailers, and 522 Tractors.


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart


Air Return


Express Return


Ground Return


Purolator Express

Purolator Express 9AM

Purolator Express 10:30AM

Purolator Express 12PM

Purolator Express Box

Purolator Express Box 9AM

Purolator Express Box 10:30AM

Purolator Express Box 12PM

Purolator Express Box Evening

Purolator Express Envelope

Purolator Express Envelope 9AM

Purolator Express Envelope 10:30AM

Purolator Express Envelope 12PM

Purolator Express Envelope Evening

Purolator Express Evening

Purolator Express Pack

Purolator Express Pack 9AM

Purolator Express Pack 10:30AM

Purolator Express Pack 12PM

Purolator Express Pack Evening

Purolator Ground

Purolator Ground 9AM

Purolator Ground 10:30AM

Purolator Ground Evening

Purolator Quick Ship

Purolator Quick Ship Box

Purolator Quick Ship Envelope

Purolator Quick Ship Pack


PuroPost Return


PuroPostPlus Return

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