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Swiss Post

Swiss Post is one of the longest-standing and best-known transportation brands in Switzerland. The company remains true to its traditions and values, while at the same time keeping pace with the times to ensure that in the future it will continue to play a unifying role in its customers’ lives.


Available Services DeliveryHub Delivery TMS Transsmart

Bulky Goods Economy

Bulky Goods Economy GAS

Bulky goods Lightning

Bulky Goods Moon

Bulky Goods Priority

Bulky Goods Priority GAS

Business Reply Item GAS



Items for the blind

PostPac Economy

PostPac Economy GAS

PostPac Priority

PostPac Priority GAS

PostPac Promo

SameDay Afternoon/Evening

SameDay Afternoon/Evening Bulky Goods

SameDay Afternoon/Evening GAS


Swiss-Courier Lightning

Swiss-Express Moon

Swiss-Express Moon GAS


Where we send to and from

Origin Countries

  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Germany


  • Switzerland

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