Widerøe is Scandinavia's largest regional airline and flies to 49 destinations in Norway and Europe. With 2,500 committed employees, the company has a great commitment to creating opportunities between small and large places. In District Norway, Widerøe's aircraft operations are of great importance for business, health care, education, tourism and culture, and function as the districts' public transport. Widerøe is headquartered in Bodø, but has operations spread throughout the country. In the aircraft fleet, Widerøe's Flyveselskap has 43 aircraft of the type Dash and Embraer. Central to the flight offer is the important short-haul network that has been built up over many decades. On the short-haul network, Widerøe's Flyveselskap flies both by tender for the Ministry of Transport and commercial routes. Widerøe Ground Handling handles ground services at 42 airports in Norway and Widerøe Technical Services is represented with technical bases and services at five different destinations in Norway. The Widerøe Group is owned by Flyco and Fjord1 and the group consists of the subsidiaries Widerøe`s Flyveselskap AS, Widerøe Ground Handling AS, Widerøe Technical Services AS, Widerøe Property AS and Widerøe Asset AS.


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