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More than 1,000 carriers worldwide

The world’s biggest carrier library, delivering to 190 countries. Providing the full range of delivery options

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Better deliveries build stronger customer loyalty, reduce handling times and drive incremental revenue.  Offering the right delivery options at checkout can increase conversions by 20%

"The ability for customers to decide what delivery options suit them best is critical to giving them a better customer experience they will come back to.

Help consumers make green choices by offering them sustainable delivery options, to balance the choice between costs and emisssions."

Select the best carrier
every time
Access markets across
the world
Expand your options
Get up and running

Our CEO, Lars Dige Pedersen, gives an overview of
who we are and how we support our customers

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E-commerce. Retail. Brands

Improve customer loyalty and build incremental revenue


Manufacturing. Supply chain. Logistics

Optimize shipping process and create efficiencies


reduction in parcel costs by choosing the optimal carrier

0 million

outbound deliveries a month

Up to 0%

reductions in customer support needs

Up to 0%

time savings with automated order booking

Our carrier library

Proudly working with over 1016 carriers and counting

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Can’t find the plugin you need?

Don’t worry. Developing your own integration is relatively quick and easy. For cloud solutions, we offer a modern REST API (APIConnect). For on-premise solutions, we offer a server application (OnlineConnect) for XML files.

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