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BFT Logistik cracks track and trace with nShift

bft logistik nshift

A small investment with nShift has made a huge difference to Danish Carrier, BFT Logistik, enabling them to track and document parcels delivered by all their affiliated freight companies.


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The Challenge

BFT Logistik delivers everything from kitchens to mobile phones. But they don’t have any delivery vans or drivers of their own. Instead, they maintain partnerships with multiple independent freight companies, hiring fleet and external drivers as and when required.

The problem with using different freight companies is that each one has its own way of tracking and documenting parcels. So, how could BFT Logistik keep track of all the customer deliveries moving through its system?

bft logistik nshift

BFT Logistik

parcels delivered daily
partnerships with external freight companies
drivers, depending on customer activity

The Solution

Scan App provides BFT Logistik with a common scanning tool that is easy for all their affiliates to use and that ensures all their delivery data arrives in the same format. It was a minor investment for the company but, as CEO Thomas Wallin explains, has become an indispensable part of their business model: “Scan App is flexible and independent of hardware, which is highly significant for us, as we use many external drivers to deliver parcels and goods. With Scan App we are able to provide track and trace on all parcels, as long as the driver has a smartphone, which most people have today [and if they don’t, they can borrow one of ours].”

BFT Logistik have also become part of nShift’s carrier library – the largest of its kind in the world. This means that companies who use nShift for printing shipping labels and booking shipments can now choose BFT Logistik. ”Being a carrier [with nShift] means that we can be sure to get structured and automatically transferred shipment data from our customers, which streamlines our daily work. It also means that we are showcased to more potential customers, as we are available on a platform with more than 10,000 users and marketed on [nShift’s] website.”

How it Works

1. Customer books shipment via nShift DeliveryHub to be picked up by BFT Logistik.

2. nShift DeliveryHub automatically prints shipping label in BFT Logistik format, which customer places on parcel.

3. BFT Logistik receives automatically transferred shipment data from customer.

4. BFT Logistik picks up customer’s parcels and scans them with Scan App. Information is stored in the customer’s nShift portal.

5. BFT Logistik delivers the parcels to the end customer and gets the end customer to sign them off using Scan App. If the end customer is not at home, they take a picture of the parcel in its agreed safe place using Scan App.

It’s a huge plus that we do not need different systems and hardware to be able to get track and trace information from our various external drivers. Track and trace is vital in the distribution industry!

Thomas Wallin, CEO of BFT Logistik

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