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J. Kisch en Zonen's 124-year-old business embraces the future with nShift


From simple beginnings, furniture and interior construction supplier, J. Kisch en Zonen, has grown into a large, complex business delivering 70 unique shipments a day. With nShift, they have the fully automated delivery management process they need to continue growing long into the future.

Solutions used

Transsmart integrated with Exact Online

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The Challenge

Founded in 1895 as a hardware store on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, J. Kisch en Zonen has grown into a large supplier for the furniture and interior construction industries. Still a family business, the company now offers two different product lines (Fiksch by Kisch and Office by Kisch) and delivers 70 unique shipments from its 1,000m² warehouse every day.

In 2017, the company chose to professionalize its approach to inventory administration by adopting the ERP system, Exact Online, which was connected to their regular carrier, GLS. The new set-up helped speed up the order process and reduce the number of mistakes that were being made. 

However, there was still room for improvement. And that’s where nShift came in.


The Solution

Through nShift, J. Kisch en Zonen’s ERP and carrier systems are now able to communicate with each other. “The advantage of this is the speed it delivers,” explains Jeremy Parsser, Operations Manager for J. Kisch en Zonen. “In the past, for example, we had to enter everything manually, which was much more prone to error. Now everything is automated. The other major advantage [nShift] gives us is that everything can now be based on our own corporate identity, including the track and trace system. For example, we have even been able to add our own texts on the labels, which we think is a major advantage.”

Switching to a new system is always hard. But, for Jeremy, the process of getting set up with nShift has gone surprisingly smoothly. “We first went through a test phase to see if everything worked and was also usable for us, and only then was the connection fully implemented. We found that very pleasant and actually it went very well.”


The Results

What benefits has the collaboration with nShift brought to J. Kisch en Zonen? “A lot,” Jeremy says. “J. Kisch en Zonen is now future-proof again, and automation and professionalization have given us the room and opportunities we need to grow. We are really looking forward to that!”

Now our systems can communicate with each other. The advantage of this is the speed it delivers: a large part is automated and therefore orders are processed faster.

Jeremy Parsser, Operations Manager for J. Kisch en Zonen


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