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Kids Brand Store creates best ever checkout experience in 3 weeks

kids brand store nshift

Leading webshop, Kids Brand Store, wanted to optimize their customers’ checkout experiences. Within just three weeks, nShift Checkout was up and running across all the company’s websites.

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The Challenge

Fast and secure deliveries has always been one of the mottos of Kids Brand Store, the Nordic region’s largest webshop for well-known brands in children’s and young people’s fashion.

They wanted to improve their delivery experience even further by giving online customers in all Nordic countries, Germany and the Netherlands the opportunity to choose the most suitable delivery option for them.

kids brand store nshift

Lack of choice limits sales

of online baskets are abandoned
reason for dropout is limited delivery options

The Solution

After using but then abandoning a similar widget, Kids Grand Store chose to install nShift Checkout in all its country websites – a process that took just three weeks from initial launch decision to full implementation.

 The company is now able to offer its customers new delivery options quickly and easily, and add, change and control texts and messages about delivery options available at the checkout.

Ellinor Andersson, Operations Director at Kids Brand Store, says: “It’s great to know we can use one simple and smooth checkout with a range of delivery options to offer our customers genuine delivery satisfaction – which is, as we know, exactly how our customers want it.”

We are very pleased with the fast and smooth implementation. It was really gratifying to be able to get started in just a couple of weeks.

Ellinor Andersson, Operations Director at Kids Brand Store

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