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KitchenTime saves warehouse time with nShift


When online kitchen product retailer, KitchenTime, decided to develop their own warehouse automation system, it was critical that they had a highly effective delivery management platform to match. Enter nShift Delivery…

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The Challenge

KitchenTime started selling kitchen utensils online in 2013. Like so many other online shops, it began in a basement at home where they did everything themselves, including the logistics. They grew rapidly and the company, which now also includes furniture business Confident Living, has become a thriving business with annual turnover of SEK 300 million.  

Logistics are now handled from a warehouse in Eskilstuna, Sweden, where the company has constructed an automation system, Autostore, in which robots pack trays that are sent to an operator who stands at a port to receive and scan the goods before sending them on to be packed and given a freight label. An integrated delivery management platform is critical for making this system as fast and efficient as possible.

The major benefit with [nShift Delivery] for us is that we can quickly test, evaluate and get started with exciting new freight services, which is an important part of the value we offer.

  • Anton Malmberg
  • Deputy CEO / Co-Founder of KitchenTime

The Solution

By linking its internally developed freight handling system and online shop system to nShift Delivery, KitchenTime has been able to optimize the workflow in its warehouse, saving time and money. Automatic validation has also made a big difference. When errors are detected in the automatically printed labels, the user is sent directly into edit mode where the specific shipment can be changed. This helps KitchenTime avoid the extra expense involved in validating information and re-sending the shipment.

Another major advantage of nShift Delivery is that they no longer have to integrate the different carriers they use across Scandinavia. Instead, they now have one integration that covers all of them.

Meanwhile customer service and sub-suppliers, have been using nShift Delivery’s profile handling service to ensure that important decisions, such as which carrier to use, have already been entered when goods are sent directly to customers from the sub-supplier.

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