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nShift enables Clas Ohlson to innovate and grow

clas ohlson nshift

Clas Ohlson is a dynamic, fast-growing retailer with stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK. They were looking for a multicarrier shipping platform that was intuitive to use and easy to integrate with their key systems – unlike the custom-built solution they had been using.

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The Challenge

The custom-built TMS (Transport Management System) Clas Ohlson was using to ship and track orders was far from ideal. As Process Developer, Daniel Thyberg explains: “We were reliant on a few people who had know-how in-house to prepare the EDI files and manage our carriers. This was highly risky because there was only a small team maintaining it and they could leave the business… at any time.”

The outdated technology also posed a problem for the business. “The way the technology worked, you were unable to integrate and exchange data in real time with our other key systems which meant it was impossible to make dynamic business decisions. Also, it didn’t match our future needs in terms of architecture and technology as we embarked on a large IT investment program which included upgrading our financial, warehouse, ERP and shipping systems.”

clas ohlson nshift

Benefits of nShift


Access to world’s largest carrier library


Click and collect, parcel lockers


Automatic notifications

The Results

With nShift DeliveryHub, Clas Ohlson now have a multicarrier shipping platform that integrates with their other key systems and enables them to continuously improve the customer delivery experience.

Having access to the world’s largest carrier library means they can now easily add and maintain carriers without having to build the integrations themselves. And that’s given them the freedom to explore more delivery options than ever before. Daniel Thyberg explains: “It allows us to start on a really small scale and if it’s a hit we can roll it out quickly to other areas of the business.

“We can also automatically send notifications about the location of the parcel to the customer, to enhance their delivery experience.”

Industry-first Integration

Thanks to nShift, Clas Ohlson have been able to expand their delivery options to include Click and Collect. “It was easy to set this up,” Thyberg says, “as we could use our existing system integrations to print labels and create new shipping routines in the warehouse.”

To make the service even more convenient for customers, they also decided to install parcel lockers in their stores. This involved an industry-first integration between a retailer, delivery management system and parcel locker vendor (Quadient).

It's great to have options instead of being stuck with legacy systems that are completely inflexible. Implementing these innovations wouldn't have been possible without [nShift]. [The platform’s] ability to adapt to changes in the market and what our customers are requesting is crucial. It's an important enabler for fast and cost-effective innovation.

Daniel Thyberg, Transport Process Developer at Clas Ohlson

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