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Shipping for Growth:
How building the right delivery experience can facilitate scalable growth


Three in five customers prefer to buy from retailers offering a range of delivery options

Consumers have developed certain expectations from the ecommerce experience.  Three in five shoppers will choose retailers that offer delivery requirements which meet their own requirements – convenience, speed, or a mixture of the two. 

It’s important that retailers are able to meet such expectations at every stage of their growth.  The issue, however, is that many – especially small and medium-sized retailers – often don’t have the necessary resources.

In this guide, “Shipping for growth”, nShift explores how retailers can continue to keep their customers satisfied as they grow.

This includes:

  • Increasing efficiency and flexibility
  • Offering a greater choice of delivery and returns options
  • Arranging relationships with multiple carriers to enable international deliveries.
Enjoy the Read!


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