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Meet the nShift team @
Cross-Border C-Suite Winter

13-14 October 2022

Brussels, Belgium



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Cross-Border C-Suite Winter

Join 200+ European retail executives in Brussels for the exclusive Cross-Border C-Suite Winter evening and full day event.

Look forward to networking with 200+ retailer peers & potential partners, insightful round tables sessions with partners, retailers & marketplaces, and the awards gala evening!

Join our two roundtable sessions

We are looking forward to sharing insights at our two roundtable sessions at the event!

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Sean Sherwin-Smith, Post Purchase Product Director at nShift, shares the latest best practices and technologies that enable retailers to open two-way post purchase dialogues with consumers after they hit the buy button in his roundtable presentation “The Lost Art of Conversation…beyond the buy button”.

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Pieter Schalk, Sales Director at nShift, reveals how a well-known international omnichannel retailer with cross-border shipping needs completely transformed their supply chain and fulfillment landscape across Europe gaining full visibility of moving goods and parcels, fast carrier onboarding whilst optimizing the post purchase experience.

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