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Meet the nShift team @ NXT Nordics

11 October 2022

Oslo Spektrum Arena, Norway



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Meet us at stand 16

Drop by our stand and meet Cato Hoberg, Henning Backe, Anine Lillevold, John Arnt Carstensen, Sirwan Hosseini and Noreen Umer. Find out why it's important for your conversion rate to let customers decide where they want their purchases delivered and how efficient return management can keep bringing customers back.

Opportunity to win an iPad!

Don't miss out on an exclusive opportunity to win an iPad. Simply swing by our booth 16 and take part in an easy guessing game.

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Mats&Axel's on stage!

Session Room 1, 10:00-10:30

nShift's e-commerce experts, Mats Fischerström and Axel Lindgren, will be talking to Marte Knutsen (Instabox) and Ana Jovanovic Kuvås (Vipps) on the current challenges as recession hits us all.

Mats Fischerström and Axel Lindgren work under the name Mats&Axel and run Sweden's largest e-commerce vlog. Check out their videos on the Mats&Axel online hub.

Mats & Alex


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