Last-mile ownership.
Boost conversions.

Take full control of deliveries from your webshop. Create better experiences for you and your customers. Keep online shoppers coming back for more.

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Optimize the delivery experience with nShift

Own the last mile

Make sure every part of the delivery experience is just how you want it. From the choices at the checkout to the label on the box. You can even use our Scan App to build your own delivery fleet.

Create happy customers

Convenient delivery options. Regular updates. Parcel tracking. This is the quality experience your customers are looking for. And because your brand is front and center, they’ll know exactly who to thank.

Get fully integrated

Too many systems. Too little control? nShift gets your ERP, WMS, e-commerce and carrier solutions working in perfect harmony. So you can manage, view and analyze everything in one place.

Turn traffic into footfall

Not everyone is able to receive deliveries at home. Add click and collect to increase conversion at checkout and give online shoppers a great reason to come into your store.

Make returns better for everyone

Digitizing the returns process spares your team from manual processing and lets customers swap or return items in just a few clicks. Result? Up to 90% less time spent on returns. Up to 30% of returns converted into new revenue.

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Save time and increase sales by digitizing the returns process.

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