Automate shipping and returns with nShift

Effectively manage reverse logistics with nShift Returns

Deliveries and returns are critical moments of truth for customers. Retailers and warehouses must ensure they don’t lead to inefficiencies and losses.

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nShift supports the entire delivery experience.  Book & print, transport management, tracking, and returns.

We give customers choice, flexibility, and easy delivery and returns options at every stage, pre- and post-purchase.

This builds loyalty, cuts costs, improves efficiency, and increases revenues.


Cut reverse logistics admin time by 90%


Send more packages faster, minimize errors


A ready-made global library of 1000+ carriers


Manage last mile emissions

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nShift Returns

Build loyalty by making returns easy. Digital returns improve the experience for consumers, save time for warehouses and reduce inventory admin

nShift_Delivery Management

nShift Ship

Solve complicated delivery management challenges and improve efficiencies with enterprise-grade label production and carrier booking.


nShift Track

Improve customer loyalty by keeping shoppers up to date with the status of their deliveries. Create new, highly engaged, retail marketing channels.


nShift TMS

For more efficient supply chains. Get greater control over the supply chain and reduce costs with clear transportation visibility and multi-carrier functionality


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Get to know the 5 modules of nShift Returns

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Building your business with nShift

A comprehensive guide to delivering e-commerce success

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Create an end-to-end delivery customer experience that builds loyalty

Our Misfits demo site gives you an insight into some of the features that enhance the customer experience with live versions of our Checkout, Track and Returns solutions.

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