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Build loyalty by making returns easy

Digital returns improve the experience for consumers, save time for warehouses and reduce inventory admin

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nshift returns

Our software enables our customers to deliver seamless reverse e-commerce logistics, which cuts down on the time and money it takes to process returns and makes it easier to manage exchanges and refunds

  • Retain revenue

    Our consumer-friendly digital returns portal makes it easier to offer exchange options to shoppers.
returns 2-1
  • Save time

    Warehouses can eliminate 90% of returns handling time by scanning the barcode or QR code.
  • One-stop shop

    Manage all aspects of returns – from business rules, tracking and refunds – through one admin module.

Digitize the entire returns process

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Save time and money with a digital returns process. Deliver a better customer experience.

Simple and easy for consumers
Simple and easy for consumers

A user-friendly interface makes it easier for shoppers to choose returns options

Choose refund or exchange
Choose refund or exchange

Make it easier for the retailer to retain revenue or offer other environmentally friendly options

Quickly check items back in
Quickly check items back in

Make them ready for resale more quickly

Gain valuable data insights
Gain valuable data insights

Help to make processes and marketing more effective

Our CEO, Lars Dige Pedersen, gives an overview of
who we are and how we support our customers

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