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nShift Track – delivery tracking platform

Create a cutting-edge customer experience

Improve customer loyalty by keeping shoppers up to date with the status of their deliveries. Create new, highly engaged, retail marketing channels

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Some 78% of online shoppers will change brands or retailers if they don’t receive regular updates on the status of their order. 

As people grow more comfortable with buying online, they demand better customer experiences. And when they don’t get them, they will shop around.

Shoppers want relevant updates through the mobile and social channels that they use every day, not the ones the retailer dictates.  

They expect the interface to be on par with leading websites and marketplaces, with easy access to customer services and returns information. They expect it to be simple and easy.

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Cut support calls by 60%

When shoppers can track their orders, it drastically reduces the number of WISMO (or “where is my order”) calls


Create sales growth

Connecting with consumers in new channels when they are most engaged with the brand and products

nShift_Reputation and Loyalty

Build customer loyalty

Relevant communications help cement the brand in the customer’s mind, leading to repeat sales and recommendation

nShift Track delivers all this

  • A multi-channel delivery status communication solution 

    Keep the retailer and shoppers up to date with the status of delivery

  • Branded tracking portal and notification

    A cutting-edge customer experience in keeping with the seller’s brand, look and feel

  • Customer feedback
    Enable consumers to communicate directly, containing any complaints and pointing to service improvements 
  • Marketing communication

    Create marketing messages to customers when they are most engaged with the brand 

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  • ScanApp

    Provide visibility in the order fulfilment workflow that is traditionally an information black hole

  • Control room feature

    Central access to all deliveries making it easy to monitor progres

  • Reports and insights

    Receive data-driven insights that help monitor performance among carriers


Start creating the best customer experience

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Successful brands manage deliveries with nShift

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