Blue Water

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. At the heart of Blue Water is an organisation of professionals skilled to offer complete and tailor-made solutions to any shipping and transport requirement anywhere in the world.


Available Services

Parcel Economy

Air Economy (Courier)

Air Express (Courier)

Air freight

Air freight Charter

Air freight North Atlantic

Air freight Priority

Air Mozambique

Blue Air Pack

Dag til dag

DOB Pipeyard Service

Export Packing

Faroe Pack

Ice Pack


Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight / Air freight


Road Express (Courier)

BWS Road


Sea Mozambique

Short Sea


US Customs documents

Parcel UK

Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery with Tail Lift

Individual Solutions

Courier Air Express

BWS Parcel Economy

Air Freight Economy/Consolidated

Courier Standard



Road Freight Express

Ocean Freight (Crosstrade)

Road Freight Economy/Consolidated

BWS Parcel Express

BWS Bring Parcel

Blue Air Economy

Blue Air Express

Blue Air Solution

Blue Parcel BTB

Blue Solution

Blue Parcel BTC Bring Collect

Blue Express Docs 9:00

Blue Express Docs 10:00

Blue Express Docs 12:00

Blue Economy Zone 1-4

Blue Economy 12:00

Blue Economy Zone 5-7

Blue Economy

Blue Express

Blue Express 9:00

Blue Express 10:00

Blue Express 12:00

Blue Express Docs

Blue Express Night

Blue Parcel BTC Bring PU Bulk

Blue Parcel BTC Collect

Blue Parcel BTC Postnord Colle

Blue Parcel BTB Return DropOff

Blue Parcel BTC Bring Return

Blue Parcel BTC Bring Home

Blue Parcel BTC Home

Blue Parcel BTC Postnord Home

Blue Parcel BTB Return Pickup

Blue Express Docs Cross Trade

Blue Economy Cross Trade

Blue Express Cross Trade

Dedicated Van

Fulload Express

Fulload Standard

Groupage Express

Groupage Standard

Partload Express

Partload Standard



Receiver Pays

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  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Lithuania
  • Sweden
  • China
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Spain


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