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Drive ecommerce success with the world’s largest carrier library and the world’s best delivery experience. Introducing nShift delivery & experience management (DMXM), a suite of solutions that links brands with customers. Discover how nShift leads the way in post-purchase experience management and multi-carrier shipping software.

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Checkout experience

nShift Checkout enables retailers to provide the variety of delivery methods that customers want, enhance customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

Dynamic checkout options | Last mile delivery | A/B testing to optimize conversion | Badged delivery option design | PUDO – pick up, drop off options

Optimized Checkout 


Delivery management

nShift optimizes multi-carrier shipping processes and leverages the world's largest carrier library to provide the flexibility to meet customer needs.

Book and print | Order management | Carrier connections Incoming and outgoing logistics | Insurance | Integrations

Delivery Management


Post-purchase experience

Enhance post-purchase experience from point-of-purchase to returns, building customer loyalty and creating repeat customers.

Order tracking | Retailer brand experience

Optimized Checkout 

Post Purchase & Returns

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Emissions tracking & reporting

nShift unlocks effortless emissions tracking so retailers can easily manage complex reporting requirements and use increased visibility to lower their carbon footprint.

Emissions tracking | Sustainable shipping options | Customer choice | Carbon offsetting

Emissions Tracker


Break out of the box

Enabling multi-carrier delivery & experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

End-to-end services - create-outlines-updated

Access Gartner® 2024 Europe Context: Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems for more context on the European market and TMS solutions.

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nShift delivery & experience management (DMXM) drives ecommerce success and builds relationships between brands and customers.

nShift helps retailers, ecommerce businesses, warehouses and manufacturers run more efficiently and grow customer loyalty.

Good experience management is based on unified data from the world’s largest carrier library. Enable an exceptional delivery experience with the only end-to-end delivery & experience management (DMXM) platform built to turn post-purchase into brand loyalty.

nShift makes delivery experience the essential link between brands and customers.

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Connect end-to-end customer journeys

nShift delivery & experience management (DMXM) facilitates exceptional customer journeys from the time of purchase to the time of delivery. Explore our post-purchase demo site for more on our Checkout, Track and Returns solutions.

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With nShift, go beyond the competition by leveraging unsurpassed freedom of choice



No single carrier is the perfect match for all needs. The more carriers you can access, the greater the freedom to optimize. With more than 1,000 ready-made carrier connections, nShift has the world’s largest carrier library. This streamlines delivery management, increases choice and improves the customer experience.

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The nShift platform is designed to be integrated with your systems. nShift supports more than 450 integrations, streamlining implementation. Control all elements of delivery management from a single interface to enable data-tight integrated ecommerce.

Integration partners


nShift’s pricing is clear, simple and predictable to enable scalable and strategic growth.

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Trusted by brands around the world to deliver real business impact

Grow beyond limits

nShift sets the standard for carrier connections, enabling brands to deliver on promises to customers. Overcome geographical or economic growth constraints with a platform that simplifies delivery experience.

Streamline for strategic growth

Increase productivity with reduced handling and restocking times and automated documentation.

Exceptional end-to-end delivery experience

Provide customers with the information they want. Reduce support calls by up to 60%, build customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases.

Data-driven insight for data-tight ecommerce

Utilize data from carriers, checkout options, returns and delivery logistics to optimize process and meet customer needs.

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Scale capability and geography

Our end-to-end platform solves cross-border logistics issues in real time. It also enables stable, efficient growth.


experience 20% growth with optimized ecommerce checkout


streamlined integrations into ecommerce, ERP, WMS, and Payment Providers


protect business revenue by converting 30% of all returns into exchanges


carrier integrations, enabling shipping anywhere at any time

Who we are and how we support our customers in delivering ecommerce success.

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Successful brands manage deliveries with nShift

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Deliver anywhere, anyhow with the world’s largest carrier library

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