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Delivery Management

Optimize shipping processes. Create efficiencies. Flexibility

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Delivery management



Increase cart conversions. Better customer experience. Build loyalty

Checkout | Order tracking | Returns management

Checkout Optimization

Post purchase & returns

nShift__Emissions Tracker


Get ready for new emissions tracking and reporting regulations for 2024

Emissions tracking | sustainable shipping options | customer choice

Emissions Tracker


Enabling multi-carrier delivery and experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

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End-to-end Services

We are the global leaders in delivery management software. We help retailers, ecommerce businesses, warehouses and manufacturers to run more efficiently and to grow. 

We invest heavily in developing new services so our customers can do more for their customers: to sell more, deliver better customer experience and build loyalty.  

We enable retailers to provide a full range of delivery options, generate new revenue, lower implementation risk and offer sustainable delivery options.  Underpinned by the world's largest carrier library.

We invest in the tools that drive growth that enables businesses to build capacity, manage sales peaks, and scale as they grow. An omnichannel experience, including e-commerce, buy in-store, deliver, and click and collect. Creating a seamless, one-click buying and delivery process.





More than 1,000 carriers

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More than 450 integrations

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Cut costs using the optimal carrier every time

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Create an end-to-end delivery customer experience that builds loyalty

Our Misfits demo site gives you an insight into some of the features that enhance the customer experience with live versions of our Checkout, Track and Returns solutions.

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Trusted by brands around the world to deliver real business impact


more revenue during e-commerce shop checkouts


integrations into e-commerce, ERP, WMS, and Payment Providers


of all returns become exchanges


carriers connected to ship anywhere

Driving value for our customers

By helping improve customer loyalty and the customer experience. Automate the entire delivery management process to ship anywhere.

Incremental revenue

Create new sales opportunities

Data-driven insight

Gain new information about deliveries

Better customer experience

Reduce support calls by up to 60%

Strategic growth enabler

Increase productivity with reduced handling and restocking times, and automated documentation

Brand reputation and loyalty

Repeat purchase and recommendation

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Scale shipments globally

Deliver to 190+ countries

Our CEO, Lars Dige Pedersen, gives an overview of
who we are and how we support our customers in delivering ecommerce success

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Successful brands manage deliveries with nShift

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Deliver anywhere, anyhow with the world’s largest carrier library

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Lars Dige Pedersen also discusses the five pillars of driving value

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