Information about nShift use of cookies

nShift Holding AB (“nShift”, “we”, or “us”) operates the website and all subdomains (collectively referred to as “website”). This policy is to inform you about our use of cookies and similar technologies such as pixels (“cookies”) on our website. Cookies are used in order for the website to work as intended, to optimise the website’s functions and to give you an improved user experience. Cookies are also used to deliver customised content on future visits, e.g. to collect statistics and send you customised marketing on our own and third-party websites as well as on social media.


2.1 Cookies are small text files stored in the browser on your device (computer or mobile device) that can be used to save certain information such as to remember your actions and preferences over a period of time so that you do not have to re-enter the information when revisiting the website or browsing from one page to another, to provide you with access to certain functions on the webpage and/or to register your browsing patterns and otherwise track what you do on the page.


2.2 There are two types of cookie: persistent cookies and session cookies. Our website uses both types of cookies. Persistent cookies are stored as a file for a certain period of time until they are erased by you or the server that sent them. Session cookies are stored temporarily while you are browsing a website and disappear when the browser closes.


2.3 Cookies can either be first-party cookies or third-party cookies. First-party cookies are placed by the website you are visiting while third-party cookies are placed by another party or website than the one you are visiting. For example, third-party cookies are often used by advertising networks to identify a particular type of user and to use information about how a user consumes the content on various websites in order to display (customised) advertising on the websites in the network.


All visitors to a website that uses cookies must have access to information about the website using cookies and in what manner. The visitor must also consent to the use of the cookies. You agree to our use of cookies in the cookie consent management tool that is presented to you the first time you visit our website. The consent management tool gives you the opportunity to agree to – or opt out – the storing of cookies.


4.1 You can at any time change your choices regarding which cookies you agree to here.

4.2 Web browsers and devices normally allow you to manage your cookie preferences. You can set your browser or device to refuse cookies or delete certain cookies, in such case, your browser or device automatically rejects the use of such cookies or informs you every time a website (such as ours) requests to use cookies. Visit your browser’s or device’s support page for instructions on how to manage your cookie preferences and/or delete cookies that are stored on your device. Further information about how to manage and remove cookies can also be found on the following websites: or

4.3 Please note that blocking cookies may mean that you are unable to access all pages and features on our website. It may also lessen your user experience.


5.1 Cookies are used on the website. When you enter our website, a pop up with general information about our use of cookies. You are given the choice to consent to our use of cookies or to decline. If you decline, we will not use the cookies to which you decline. By consenting to our use of cookies you consent to us collecting information about your device and about how you use the website. You can at any time choose to withdraw your consent through the settings in the cookie management tool. We have unfortunately not implemented support for the web browser’s “Do Not Track” settings in our website.

5.2 nShift uses the following cookies for the purposes set out below. The information collected may be shared with social media platforms and advertising and analytic partners with which we collaborate.


Necessary cookies enable the use of our website and ensure that the website’s basic features work as they should, from both a technical and visual perspective. These cookies also help us keep our website and your data secure. These cookies are essential and therefore cannot be opted out of.


Statistics cookies help us understand how visitors use our website by collecting and reporting aggregated information for analysis.


Functionality cookies allow us to remember information that changes the appearance of the website or features for enhanced functionality and customization.


Marketing cookies are used to track visitors to our website across other websites in order to market our products and services on other websites

Content from YouTube or other third parties may be embedded on the website. YouTube places cookies on your device when you visit or when you click on content from YouTube that is embedded on the website. We do not have access to, and cannot control, these cookies or the personal data and information which they may collect. As a user, you need to check this supplier’s website for further information on how it manages cookies, what information it collects and how you can delete any third-party cookies.

7.1 We will keep this Cookie Policy under regular review, continuously updating it when deemed necessary. The latest version of the Cookie Policy will always be available on

7.2 nShift Group AS (org. no.: 979 306 725) in Norway is responsible for the cookies placed on the website. For information about us, our processing of personal data, and how you can contact us, please see our Privacy Policy or contact