nShift Checkout optimization

Increase conversions at checkout by offering delivery options customers want

Delivery experience starts before the purchase is complete and lays the foundation for a post purchase journey that will delight customers.

50% of online shopping baskets are abandoned due to a lack of delivery options. New nShift Checkout makes it easy for retailers to personalize the delivery methods that customers want, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase conversions.

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Convert more customers by providing an end-to-end shopping and delivery experience.

      • With the world’s largest carrier and PUDO library, it’s easy to provide the delivery options customers want, increase conversions at checkout and reduce abandoned carts.
      • nShift’s Checkout seamlessly integrates with the leading ecommerce platforms and shopping carts, giving customers a better purchasing experience.
      • Our market-leading checkout solution includes the capability to truly personalize the Customer & Delivery Experience using our intuitive and powerful Rules Engine.
      • nShift Checkout enables retailers to A/B test the presentation of delivery options in the checkout to understand how to maximize basket conversion potential.

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nShift Checkout: create an end-to-end delivery experience that builds customer loyalty

Curious about how nShift Checkout can enhance the customer experience and integrate into the online shopping experience? Explore the product demo site for live versions of our nShift Checkout, nShift Track and Returns solutions.

Want to see how nShift Checkout could affect your bottom line? Use the Checkout ROI calculator to find out.

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Creating a new range of delivery options

nShift Checkout is not the end of the customer journey; it’s the start of the Delivery Experience. Offering a personalized range of delivery options to customers is easier than ever, giving them the convenience, flexibility and peace of mind they want.

Add badges and icons to easily indicate delivery options

nShift Checkout enables badged delivery options so shoppers can quickly pick the type of delivery they want. From a lightning bolt for express delivery to a green leaf that aligns with eco-friendly shipping options, retailers can create and customize badges for a more interesting and user-friendly experience.

Deliver to more PUDO (pick up, drop off) locations than anyone else

nShift connects retailers to more PUDO – pick up, drop off – locations than any other provider to enable the best delivery experience. Exceptional experience management is built on the world’s largest carrier library. With a ready-made library of 1000+ direct carrier connections and 70 PUDO providers, nShift connects retailers with more than a million PUDO locations at checkout.

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Empower shoppers to give back

With nShift Checkout, retailers can enable customers to select delivery options that trigger donations to charitable or sustainable causes.

88% of customers say they would be more loyal to a company that gives back to the world around them. By offering these types of options at checkout, brands can show that they share the values of their customers.

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