Checkout optimization

Seamless checkout process optimization by offering the right delivery options where it matters

Enhance customer satisfaction and embrace sustainability by integrating multi-carrier options into your checkout solution, providing an unparalleled shopping experience.

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Enabling multi-carrier delivery and experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

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End-to-end Services

Increase conversions by offering a real range of delivery options with our market-leading checkout optimization solution. Easy to self administer

    • We seamlessly integrate with the leading e-commerce platforms and shopping carts, delivering better service to customers.
    • Offer a range of delivery options, including PUDO points that suit the consumer to increase conversions, and reduce abandoned carts

  • 50% of online shopping baskets are abandoned due to a lack of delivery options
  • We make it easy for retailers to add sustainability options to their offer at checkout

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Create an end-to-end delivery experience that builds customer loyalty starting from Checkout

Our Misfits demo site gives you an insight into some of the features that enhance the customer experience with live versions of our Checkout, Track and Returns solutions.

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With nShift Checkout…

Retailers can offer a real range of delivery options to their consumers. This will help them build more valuable relationships with them

Checkout options
Dynamic checkout options

After entering their postcode, consumers can view delivery options, including PUDO options, and select what suits them

Badged delivery options

Shoppers can quickly find what they are looking for and locate an option that aligns with their values

Shipping options that “give back”

Set specific delivery options to make contributions to sustainability causes when selected

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Tailored the options to your customers

Because we give our customers access to the world’s largest carrier library, it’s easy for retailers and e-commerce sites to create new delivery options to offer their consumers

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Multiple carriers

We give our customers access to the world’s largest carrier library. It’s easy for retailers and e-commerce sites to create new delivery options to offer their consumers

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Creating a new range of delivery options for your customer

By offering a wide range of delivery options tailored to your customer's needs, including PUDO (pick up drop off) points, your checkout can provide convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind to your valued customers. 

In addition to enhancing the customer experience, diverse delivery options are designed to cultivate loyalty among your clientele while opening up exciting avenues for revenue growth.

Add badges and icons to delivery options

We enable online retailers and web shops to create badges and icons that signify the types of delivery on offer.  

This could include adding green leaves adjacent to eco-friendly shipping options or a lightning bolt icon next to express delivery.

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Help shoppers give back to the planet

Retailers can set up specific delivery options to trigger donations to charitable or sustainable causes if selected by the customer. 

By displaying this option at checkout, it creates an opportunity for the brand to show that it shares the values of its customers.   

Some 88% of people would be more loyal to a company who gives back to the world around them.

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