nShift Ship: Enterprise shipping software

The enterprise-shipping software platform for scalability and growth

Achieve scalable growth with nShift Ship and generate incremental revenue with delivery & experience management (DMXM) that goes beyond large-volume label printing and multi-carrier shipping.

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Streamline multi-carrier management

Solve complicated enterprise delivery-management challenges and improve efficiencies with high-volume label production and multi-carrier booking. nShift Ship helps accelerate scalable growth and generate incremental revenue.

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Enabling multi-carrier delivery & experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

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Scalable growth for enterprise retailers

nShift’s enterprise shipping software platform enables brands to deliver on customer promises and achieve scalable growth. Easily integrate essential delivery management technology with existing workflow processes and administration tools.


World's largest carrier library

Offer the wide variety of delivery options that customers want, using the world’s largest carrier library. nShift’s carrier infrastructure enables enterprises to expand across markets and grow geographic reach.


Enterprise efficiency

nShift Ship works with customers’ existing infrastructure, simplifying complex workflows across multiple locations and distribution centers. With nShift Ship, feed critical delivery logistics data insights back to the enterprise to improve performance and optimize process.

Discover an enterprise-grade delivery management solution

Build customer loyalty with better delivery experience. Contact nShift to learn more about end-to-end delivery & experience management (DMXM).

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The nShift Ship Advantage

Automatic booking

Automatically select the right carrier for every delivery.

Instant label and document printing

Print correct labels and shipping documents instantly with sophisticated software that reduces complexity.

Resources for scalable growth

Reduce cross-border and multi-carrier shipping complexity with tools and resources such as dangerous goods documents, shipping rules and freight rate calculation.

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Increased visibility

nShift tracks orders and compiles crucial data for every parcel’s journey from beginning to end.

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A bespoke, ever-evolving solution

nShift designs delivery management tools to suit the most sophisticated needs, continuously investing in new technology to accelerate past the competition.

Own the last mile

Take control of the last mile. Build deeper customer engagement using sustainable delivery options that reflect brand values.

DTK reduces their process time by more than 90% with nShift

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End-to-end delivery management to manage shipping complexity

nShift Ship’s extensive delivery management toolbox helps minimize complexity and streamline shipping logistics.
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      • Use shipping rules to ensure each delivery is booked with the right carrier
      • Set customer expectations by adding and communicating carrier lead times and costs
      • Manage complexity by streamlining both inbound and return shipments
      • Utilize nShift Track to track deliveries and set status events
        • Receive full support for order flows across pick, pack and print

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Shipping Insurance

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Recover all your losses

Worried about the cost of lost or damaged parcels? Use the Click’n’Claim feature to insure every delivery. Shipping insurance covers all carriers, destinations and shipment types for complete peace of mind.

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Claim in a couple of clicks

Click’n’Claim instantly calculates and displays the premium for your approval, so you don’t have to waste any time on the phone to insurance companies or carriers.


48 hours to compensation

Forget long, drawn-out damage claims. Compensation will be transferred from our insurance partner to your account in two days or less.

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Enabling multi-carrier delivery and experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

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End-to-end Services

Start shipping smarter with nShift Ship

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