Get ahead of mandatory emissions reporting

As mandatory emissions reporting becomes compulsory for many businesses, firms with measurement in place can get a step ahead

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Tracking emissions has long been viewed as too complicated, without standard metrics and practices

Those standards are emerging, and the firms which are already measuring their impact will find it easier to comply.

We have been collaborating with the Network for Transport Measures (NTM), a Swedish non-governmental organization with a 30-year track record in improving sustainability, to develop a tariff engine that can measure in real-time and help drive improvements in supply chain management.

Add emission calculation to transport management operations


Start with our generic data to see the overall emissions picture


Compare carriers


Measure freight procurement improvements

Our emissions tariff engine can calculate the levels of emissions on shipments in real-time 

This makes it possible to make decisions based on expected emissions values, to create detailed reports to meet compliance requirements, and to do even deeper analysis using our analytics business information tools.

Emissions Tracker


Compulsory emissions tracking reporting needn’t be difficult.  For many existing customers nShift will already have the tracking data needed for the compulsory reports.  It is simply a question of setting up and getting ready.

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Developing your own integration is relatively quick and easy

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