nShift Delivery: Small and mid-size business delivery management software

Ecommerce delivery solutions for growing brands and retailers

With nShift Delivery, simplify complex delivery management and enable exceptional customer experience. Build loyalty with nShift ecommerce delivery solutions.

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Streamline and simplify delivery management at speed

nShift provides the most complete end-to-end ecommerce delivery & experience management (DMXM) platform for growing brands and retailers. Get up and running with nShift Delivery within an hour with our easy-to-use platform.

Discover Delivery functionalities

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  • Accelerated time to impact
    nShift Delivery is easy to set up, and integrates with multiple carriers, shopping carts, ERP, WMS and ecommerce software platforms.
  • World’s largest carrier library
    Offer the wide variety of delivery options that customers want with the world’s largest carrier library. nShift Delivery provides businesses with flexible solutions to adapt to customer needs, build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Incremental revenue growth
    nShift’s delivery & experience management (DMXM) helps businesses grow and combines seamlessly with other nShift solutions to scale as businesses expand their reach.
  • Investment in ecommerce success
    nShift continuously invests in research and development to accelerate ecommerce success for its customers. With Delivery, retailers benefit from enterprise-level innovation without enterprise-level costs.

Our CEO, Lars Dige Pedersen, gives an overview of who we are and how we support our customers

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Start shipping smarter today

Contact nShift to learn more about end-to-end delivery & experience management (DMXM). nShift Delivery can be up and running in an hour, meaning a shorter time to business impact.

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The nShift Delivery advantage

Accelerate ecommerce success by building a better delivery experience for customers. nShift Delivery utilizes the world’s largest carrier library, streamlined carrier booking and quick label printing to help businesses worry less and ship smarter.

World's largest carrier library

With more than 1000 carrier connections, nShift offers the world’s largest carrier library and an automated carrier booking process that connects businesses with the best options for their customers.

Quick printing

Print accurate labels and shipping documents quickly and easily.

Start shipping quickly

Be up and running and shipping smarter in less than an hour.

Seamless integration

Quickly and easily integrate delivery management with existing infrastructure and ecosystem. And integrate seamlessly with other nShift solutions as the business grows.

F-box handles a million shipments a year 95% faster with nShift

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Enabling multi-carrier delivery and experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

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