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F-Box handles a million shipments a year 95% faster with nShift


In a little over five years, F-Box Palveluvarastot Oy has grown into a €4m-a-year logistics business with 15,000m² of warehousing space and counting… and nShift has been a key factor in its rapid growth.

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The Challenge

Founded in 2015, F-Box Palveluvarastot Oy is a family-owned business providing logistics solutions to customers big and small from its three warehouse sites in Riihimäki, Finland.

 The company’s mission is to be the enabler for their customers’ business growth. And this means they are always willing to expand to meet customer needs, buying, building or renting additional premises when required.

 Besides traditional warehousing, the company’s services include inbound and outbound handling, picking and packing, display packing, product labeling and reporting. Each year, they send over a million shipment units worldwide, ranging from items that are small enough to fit inside an envelope to those so large they require special containers and handling equipment.

 The success of F-Box depends on them having a reliable and easy-to-use delivery management platform. They need a solution that integrates with their WMS, that enables them to provide a quality service to their customers, and that makes it easy for them to continue to scale and grow.

The integration with our WMS system is so seamless… for 99.9% of the time our employees barely even realize that nShift is there.

  • Riku Purmola
  • Production Manager at F-Box Palveluvarastot Oy

The Solution

From the very beginning, the F-Box team have been using nShift Delivery as the universal delivery management solution for their transportation order needs. All transportation contracts are between the carriers and F-Box’s customers, rather than F-Box itself. It is nShift that enables F-Box to create transportation orders on their customers’ behalf.

 The WMS integration has proved a huge success. As Riku Purmola, Production Manager, explains: “For 99.9% of the time our employees barely even realize that nShift is there. In fact, they probably think the printing function is part of our WMS system. That’s how seamless the integration is.”


The Results

According to Riku Purmola, nShift has made a huge difference to the speed and quality of service that F-Box can offer their customers. He explains: “Using nShift Delivery to automate our processes means that label printing can be done with a single click, whereas if we’d gone with the traditional option, it would have taken significantly more effort. So, from the beginning, using nShift has helped us operate efficiently – and with much greater accuracy as well. This enables us to keep our costs low and make the customer happy”

 F-Box customers also benefit from the transparency nShift provides. “The system allows customers to trace their orders from the moment the shipping documents are printed,” Riku says.

 For Saku Purmola, General Manager at F-Box Palveluvarastot Oy, these features make nShift a critical part of the company’s success. “Just as we are a business enabler for our customers, nShift is a business enabler for us,” he says. “It’s a reliable, flexible and straightforward delivery management solution that simply works. Right now, we are handling more shipments than we or our customers could ever have predicted – and it’s manageable thanks to the scalability of nShift.”

Just as we are a business enabler for our customers, nShift is a business enabler for us.

Saku Purmola, General Manager at F-Box Palveluvarastot Oy

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