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Simplify emissions reporting with nShift Emissions Tracker

Both consumer sustainability preferences and regulatory requirements make it imperative for brands to understand their emissions and how to reduce them. nShift Emissions Tracker empowers enterprises to navigate emissions reporting complexities and meet specific compliance requirements.

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Prepare for CSRD reporting and beyond


Through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), emissions tracking is compulsory for 50,000 companies that do business in the EU. nShift Emissions Tracker simplifies CSRD reporting compliance. This comprehensive tool can help retailers identify quick wins for reducing delivery emissions.

  • Calculate and report emissions for all shipments in a single place

  • Reflect best practice for tariff calculation, using standard tariffs provided by the Network for Transport Measures (NTM)

  • Measure emissions by CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), a more accurate and comprehensive measure than CO2 alone

  • Calculate the tariff based on distance traveled and weight of shipment

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Prepare for CSRD with simplified reporting

Get started with nShift Emissions Tracker today to prepare for CSRD compliance requirements and help identify ways to reduce delivery emissions.

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The benefits of nShift Emissions Tracker for retailers and warehouses



Quickly and easily report on last-mile emissions at the click of a button



nShift Emissions Tracker collects all data in one place in a standardized format for emissions data the business can depend on

nShift__Emissions Tracker


Our emissions-tracking solution has been developed in partnership with the Network for Transport Measures – the gold standard in emissions reporting. This means retailers can trust that it compiles and reports on the compliance data they need


Calculate shipment emissions and collate data with nShift Emissions Tracker

  • All carrier data is collated into one reporting tool and built into an easy-to-use template
  • Drill into shipping data with calculations at the individual shipment level
  • Emissions Tracker reporting conforms to ISO standards to cover all compliance needs
  • Export data from the solution for further analysis as needed



Unlock effortless emissions reporting for a greener eCommerce

Now more than ever, businesses need precise carbon footprint data for effective commerce management.

In response to evolving corporate sustainability reporting, nShift introduces the innovative Emissions Tracker. The Emissions Tracker solution empowers retailers and warehouses to seamlessly navigate emissions reporting complexities, ensuring compliance in the ever-changing landscape of environmental responsibility.

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