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Post purchase experience and returns

Build loyalty and grow sales with post-purchase experience and returns

Increase loyalty, build trust and encourage repeat purchase with our post-purchase experience platform

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post purchase

The customer experience doesn’t end at the checkout.
That’s where the customer relationship begins

Create an end-to-end post purchase experience that builds customer loyalty

Our Misfits demo site gives you an insight into some of the features that enhance the customer experience with live versions of our Checkout, Track and Returns solutions.

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  • Perfect the customer experience 
    We enable our customers to deliver memorable and frictionless customer experience from the buy button and beyond
  • Build trust and loyalty
    Regular communication during the delivery cycle, and a seamless returns process builds trust, loyalty, and revenue
  • Encourage repeat purchase 
    We help customers to optimize returns, reduce costs, and create remarketing opportunities

Customer experience

Customer experience

60% of inbound customer service calls are related to the question “where is my order”. Better tracking makes them unnecessary

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A seamless returns offer is both a competitive advantage and the most efficient way to get returned stock back on the products available for sale again

Discover Returns
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Increase revenue

30% of returns become exchanges. 12% of abandoned shopping carts are because the returns policy was not satisfactory

Discover Returns

Our CEO, Lars Dige Pedersen, gives an overview of
who we are and how we support our customers

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End-to-end delivery experience

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Create a first-class customer experience from checkout to returns

Dynamic checkout options

Enable a superior customer experience and establish a competitive advantage

Automated printing & delivery

Instantly print labels and documents, and automatically select the right carrier for each delivery

Multiple carriers

Gain access to the world’s largest carrier library featuring 1,000 delivery companies around the world

Tracking & alerts

Build loyalty and trust with customers by communicating throughout the delivery journey

Easy returns

Create a smooth and fast returns process and encourage greater loyalty

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Convert returns to exchanges in a straightforward customer-centric flow


Successful brands manage deliveries with nShift

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Start creating the best customer experience

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