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300% increase in orders? No problem for Proshop and nShift


Black Friday is a huge logistical challenge for Denmark’s largest online retailer, Proshop, with customer orders almost quadrupling overnight. Thanks to nShift, they have a delivery management system that is flexible enough and reliable enough to cope.

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The Challenge

When Proshop launched in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1995, it became the first company in the country to sell electronics online. Three decades later, it’s Denmark’s largest online retailer, shipping 4 million+ items a year to customers across countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands.

 Super-fast delivery is one of Proshops’s trademarks and a key factor in the company’s lasting success and customer experience. But living up to that promise during seasonal peaks can be a real challenge. For the last five years, the Proshop team has been working closely with nShift to develop scalable delivery management solutions capable of meeting the huge increases in customer demand experienced from Black Friday through to Christmas.

 As Ronnie Stormfeldt, Head of Logistics for Proshop, explains: “On a good Black Friday, we see around 30,000 orders compared to a normal busy day where we would see around 8,000 or 9,000 orders. So you do the math! It’s critical that we have a stable system that can handle that amount of pressure. It’s about reliability, and it’s about flexibility – and that’s where nShift delivers.

It’s about reliability and it’s about flexibility – and that’s where nShift delivers.
Ronnie Stormfeldt, Head of Logistics at Proshop

Denmark's largest online retailer

million customers in last five years
million items shipped each year
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The Solution

When you’re shipping 30,000 orders a day from your company’s headquarters, time is of the essence. Ronnie Stormfeldt:  “A normal order takes roughly five minutes to process from the moment it’s put into our system to the moment it goes out the door. Any delays in the system and that figure starts going up, making it impossible to meet our deadlines.”

 Using nShift helps Ronnie and his team ensure that doesn’t happen. “If it were a system we’d designed ourselves,” he explains, “we would need to stop for maintenance now and again. But with nShift, there is zero downtime. It’s like you have a team behind you are who are constantly doing all the upgrades and keeping everything going. This makes it a no-brainer.”

 The other advantage nShift offers is flexibility. “Before using nShift, we had direct links to our carriers, which were APIs. But creating and enhancing those links was time-consuming. With nShift, it’s easy. We don’t have to spend any time coding ourselves. We just say, ‘We need a new carrier link so we can expand into this country,’ and it’s done.


With nShift, there is zero downtime… This makes it a no-brainer.

Ronnie Stormfeldt, Head of Logistics at Proshop



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