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Post-Purchase Experience

5 Ways to increase customer retention fast with post-purchase experience


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shipping for growth webinar

Shipping For Growth

Learn how building the right delivery experience can help you scale
It’s important that retailers are able to meet customers' expectations at every stage of their growth. The issue, however, is that many – especially small and medium-sized retailers – often don’t have the necessary resources. Carl Nilsson and Erik Meyer discuss how to scale your e-commerce business


Ecommerce 2022:
What to

2021 was a turbulent year for most, including retailers. Amidst a struggle for HGV drivers, shipping container problems in Asia, the impact of Brexit, and worker shortages, there’s been a lot to balance. A lot of what happens in 2022 will be swayed by global and economic factors, such as the pandemic, and how...

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Checkout - How do you maximize your conversion?

nShift your checkout into high gear - the best 'tips & tricks' from Mats&Axel. How many carriers should I have in my checkout? Which ones? And why? In which order? And what are you going to charge? Do I have to have the latest last-mile service or is standard shipping 3-5 days enough?

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Creating the Supply Chain of the Future: Agile, Sustainable and Scalable

Stay on top of constant market changes and customer demands with a resilient and sustainable supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to...

Delivery Management

Delivery with seamless carrier connectivity

How to provide a state of the art delivery experience with seamless carrier connectivity. The cornerstone of every great delivery experience is the carrier. However, integrating with a carrier, maintaining the connectivity, and staying convenient and innovative in delivery options can become a real headache...

Delivery Management
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Ecommerce performance so far

The 2020s have caused incredible disruption from a business perspective, with the knock-on effects of Brexit, the pandemic, supply chain and cost of living crises and accelerating environmental impacts. So as the first quarter of the year is over, let's look at how Ecommerce has performed so far!

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As e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, the most unliked part of the online shopping process is becoming an even bigger problem. Yes, we are talking about returns. On average, 1 in 3 items purchased online are returned and retailers say that up to 50% of customer service time is allocated to returns management.

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5 tips for retailers to go greener in 2022

Now is the time for retailers to jump on the green train, as consumers demand sustainability. Green Retail World founder and editor, Ben Sillitoe, is covering the key issues retailers should be thinking about as they tackle the environmental agenda in 2022, as neglecting this is no longer an option.

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10 Tips on how to succeed with delivery

Get delivery right with your Scandinavian customers. This webinar is a must-see for all retailers who are already doing business in Scandinavia or looking to expand their business to this region to get to know your customers and stay on top of consumer demands and market trends.

Delivery Management

Maximize conversions with nShift Checkout

No one likes an abandoned cart. But often putting in the effort and research to see the reason behind it it’s not top priority. We have seen customer experience overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator. Let’s see how you can use this as a golden opportunity to shine and stand out.

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Sustainability sells: How to win over customers

30% of consumers choose brands that showcase environmentally-friendly practices or values. In this webinar, sustainability expert and Green Retail World Founder, Ben Sillitoe, presents best practice in retail on how to utilize tech to implement sustainable strategies and practices into your business...



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Delivery Management

Reduce costs. Streamline processes. Wow customers. Our multicarrier parcel management software gives you full control of the last mile.



50% of online shopping baskets are abandoned due to lack of delivery options. Offer your customers the choices they want and turn all those baskets into sales.


Returns Management

1 in 3 items purchased in webshops is returned. Each return costs around €20 to process. Save money, reduce handling time and create better experiences for your customers. Digitize your returns process with nShift Return.

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