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Peak-season preparation starts already in Groundwork Quarter

Prepping for peak during the golden quarter, at the end of the year, is not only about planning the best deals and discounts.

A lack of delivery options at checkout and unclear returns policies could be denting retailers’ peak-season profits, which is why retailers and warehouses benefit from preparing for peak already now in the earliest weeks of 2024, the so-called “groundwork quarter.

During this time, making a robust assessment of performance during peak season and deciding whether the right technology and infrastructure is in place is crucial for retailers to boosting their profits during peak season.

Ultimately, retailers can lay the foundations for peak-season success in the first few months of the year. 

In this webinar, Amy Goodberry, Business Development Director at nShift, guides you through:

  • The 5 common golden quarter errors retailers make
  • The 6 must-do's to building the best delivery experience for peak


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amy goodberry

Amy Goodberry


With close to 15 years of experience in the delivery management industry, Amy knows the rapid development this industry has been facing since the 00's. Having had several leading roles in different companies, Amy knows the industry from both a forwarder and supplier point of view serving retailers, warehouses and 3PL players of all shapes and sizes with different and complex shipping needs.