Mastering Last
Mile Delivery

A Comprehensive
Guide to final mile
delivery software
for Retailers

Get final stage right, and retailers can expect to deliver a better customer experience, and to grow. This page tells you all you need to know about last mile delivery

Have you ever wondered about the final stretch of a delivery journey? That's where "last mile delivery" comes in. But what exactly is it?

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Last mile delivery is the final phase of the delivery service where the product is transported from the distribution or transportation hub to the customer. It is an essential link in the e-commerce chain. It’s also one of the most expensive, making up to 53% of the overall shipping cost.

The right delivery management software can transform the last mile experience for retailers and customers alike, and help them cut their costs. 


1. What are the benefits of a great last mile delivery experience?

The last mile delivery process is the crucial final leg of the e-commerce supply chain, where goods reach their final destination. The right software streamlines this process by offering a choice of shipping options, real-time tracking, efficient resource allocation, secure delivery, and post-delivery feedback.

This results in reduced delivery time and costs, and improved customer satisfaction and communication. Enhanced last mile delivery services can bolster a business's reputation and provide valuable data-driven insights. 
The right delivery management solutions can help webshops and retailers transform the last mile into a powerful competitive advantage, yielding cost savings, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Revolutionize your last mile delivery with nShift's end to end solutions.


2. What are the differences between Last Mile Logistics and Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile logistics refer to coordinating parcels travelling from A to B. Meanwhile, last mile delivery refers to meeting customers’ expectations again and again. These terms encompass various aspects of the delivery process, impacting delivery time, costs, and customer retention. In planning effective delivery strategies, retailers and webshops need to think in terms of both.

Discover the crucial distinctions between last mile logistics and last mile delivery in the world of online shopping and supply chain management. Uncover the challenges faced during the final step of the delivery process and learn how businesses can optimize efficiency, cut costs, and enhance the customer experience. 

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Last mile logistics

3. How to succeed with international deliveries 

The right delivery management approach helps retailers and webshops retain customers and increase revenues. But that's not all — discover how prioritizing low-emissions deliveries and sustainability practices can boost your brand's reputation.

With a focus on customer experience, data analytics, and compliance with regulations, our ten-point guide provides the roadmap to thriving in the competitive delivery landscape.

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How to succeed with international deliveries

4. How are customers shaping last mile delivery?

The last mile is becoming a key battleground for ecommerce businesses and retailers seeking to retain loyal customers. Standing out from the crowd depends on offering:

  • Speed, convenience, and choice
  • Real-time visibility and tracking
  • Sustainable delivery options
  • A personalized customer experience
  • Seamless returns and logistics

Read more about how retailers and webshops are increasingly offering a delivery experience that reflects their brand.

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5. Why is delivery tracking important for ecommerce businesses?

Customers now expect to be able to track the status of their orders in real time, from the moment they place their order to the moment it arrives at their doorstep.

Delivery tracking is a valuable tool that can help retailers and webshops improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and reduce risk. By providing customers with visibility and transparency into the delivery process, businesses can build trust and loyalty, which can lead in turn to increased sales and profits.  Read our blog to learn more.

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Why is delivery tracking important for ecommerce businesses?

6. What are the common challenges of last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery poses challenges such as limited choice of delivery options, tracking issues, returns management, not to mention environmental and emissions concerns.

Retailers and webshops can increase customer satisfaction, optimize costs, and meet customers’ fast-evolving expectations around low-emissions deliveries. Read more to discover actionable strategies to overcome last mile delivery challenges.

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7. How can final mile delivery software help my business?

The right delivery management software can make a significant difference to business performance by offering:

nShift_Transport Management - Tracking

Real-time tracking and visibility


Efficient resource allocation


Streamlined communication with customers

nShift_Customer Success-1

Valuable data analytics for performance insights


Tracking emissions and lowering environmental impacts

nShift_Scalable Growth-1

Scalability and flexibility to enable business growth

Find out how businesses can turn the last mile into an opportunity to stand out, retain customers, and grow.


8. How has Brexit impacted delivery management?

Brexit has had a significant impact on online shopping in the UK, though the country remains by far Europe’s biggest ecommerce market. Retailers and webshops looking to take advantage of the UK opportunity need to be mindful of their delivery management strategies post-Brexit. The right delivery management partner can mitigate the risks and ensure customer satisfaction.

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How has Brexit impacted delivery management?