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nShift brings you the technology and expertise of five pioneering ecommerce, delivery & return management brands – combined into a single market leader with 90k customers. Our purpose? Enable you to worry less and ship smarter

Merging five leaders in delivery management

Path 2220

The Nordic leader in delivery management and ecommerce checkout solutions. Its system handles 300+ million shipments a year.

Group 1312

A pioneer of delivery management software since 1997, offering customers across the EU and UK access to the world’s largest carrier library (800+).

Group 12316

Netherlands-based provider of delivery management software with in-depth partner integration capabilities for customers across Benelux and Germany.

Group 1315

Swedish e-commerce returns management platform launched in 2016. Returnado’s solutions optimize the “reverse e-commerce” returns process for retailers and consumers enabling customers to achieve 30%+ repurchase rates.


Fastest growing e-commerce cloud delivery management platform in Denmark. Webshipper - which automates webshops' freight and order handling – was established in 2014 and has experienced significant growth the past two years.

Global Leader in Cloud Delivery Management


years’ experience





Global reach, local presence

Offices across Europe. Carriers delivering all over the world. We’re there for you, wherever you are – and wherever you need to be.

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nShift helps businesses optimize almost a billion deliveries every year

Meet our leaders

Our executives bring decades of experience and expertise to our business. Some have been pioneers in delivery management from the very start.

Mattias Gredenhag Chief Technology Officer
Stefan Gass Chief Marketing Officer
Richard Anderson Chief Customer Officer
Lars Pedersen Chief Executive Officer
Peter Magnusson Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Angell Senior vice president

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