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Working at nShift

We put people at the heart of everything we do, and we are looking for talented individuals who want to be part of our journey

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Our values


Inspire through action

We propose, discuss and evaluate. Quickly moving from talk to action,
when we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it.


Smarter together

We are always looking for ways to improve.
Driven by passion and curiosity, we learn and grow every day.
Whether we work alone or together, we are one.


Customer First

We want our customers to win. If they do, we do.


Keep it simple

No nonsense. We do good stuff. We are passionate about it
and always give our best. We deliver.

Great benefits for great people

We are committed to providing great working experience, so our colleagues choose to develop their careers with us.

We believe in going the extra mile to provide a fantastic working environment. Great colleagues and employee benefits make nShift an excellent workplace.


Market competitive salaries and benefits

Career plans

Career plans

Remote and hybrid working options

Remote and hybrid working options

Internal award schemes

Internal award schemes

Family-friendly leave options

Family-friendly leave options


Training programs and innovation days


Employee support programs

Inspiring people talking about their experience at nShift


We are strategic partners to our customers, helping them grow by building stronger customer relations.  

We build products that are critical for our customers and society.

We are the global leader in delivery management and we are always looking for ambitious colleagues who will help us scale to the next level


We are explorers.  With courage, ownership, adaptability, ambition, and learning, we take nShift on its journey to create a world of frictionless delivery experiences

Good ideas, simplicity and creativity are encouraged

This is exactly what it is like in nShift. When I  joined the company there was plenty to do. I was able to not only bring my ideas but also implement them, and it doesn’t stop there. In a constantly changing world, there are opportunities to constantly improve so I never get bored.

Matthew Harrison, Head of Business IT

The three most important things when joining a company

First, the product offering needs to be meaningful. That is certainly applicable for this company. The second one is company culture - at nShift we have so many different backgrounds and all of these define our open and welcoming culture. Last but not least, personal development: nShift is a place one can learn and grow. The dynamic nature of the business, combined with the evolution of logistics and e-commerce provides a brilliant foundation to expand your own skills and grow your career.

Gabriela Albrecht VP Partners & Alliances

We make a real difference for our customers

We help them achieve more efficiency and better results. The three best things about nShift are the open culture, room for personal growth and the industry we are in.  If you are thinking of joining us, you should know that we are a company that lets you develop as a person and professional and we work in a worldwide industry which everyone has contact with.

Jamie Woodford, Carrier Library Manager

Building cool tools that help our customers do their jobs

I am proud to be part of a team that is so dedicated to creating solutions that make a difference to everyone using them. Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing team all across multiple offices. nShift has many things to offer, including development opportunities, room for growth and learning, and the fantastic chance to work and be part of a truly global team helping customers that are leaders in their industry.

Andrea Dragomirescu, Enterprise Production Team Manager

An international company with great opportunities

You should join nShift if you want to be a part of an international company with great opportunities to develop your skills. We have a great track record with career opportunities for us nShifters. And of course, you should be one that likes to help customers - in nShift we are saying “customers first” and this is very important for all of us.

Henrik Olsson Dalum, Account Director

I love helping others with technical issues

I love working with people and helping with technical issues. In my day-to-day operations I am able to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and that they are able to make their operations as simple and effective as possible. As part of nShift, you will be able to join a diverse and large team of talents across different nationalities all with the same mindset of keeping it customer first and working smarter together.

Ninna Cecilie Jensen, Customer Service Manager

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