Customer solutions

End-to-end delivery & experience management (DMXM)

nShift helps brands deliver exceptional customer experiences from sale to smile, optimizing checkout, streamlining delivery management, customizing tracking notifications and simplifying returns.


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customer solutions

Checkout experience

Delivery experience starts before the purchase is complete. nShift Checkout enables retailers to provide the variety of delivery methods that customers want, enhance customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

Dynamic checkout options | Last mile delivery | A/B testing to optimize conversion | Badged delivery option design | PUDO – pick up, drop off options

Optimized Checkout

nShift_Delivery Management-1

Delivery management

nShift optimizes multi-carrier shipping processes and leverages the world's largest carrier library to provide the flexibility to meet customer needs.

Book and print | Order management | Carrier connections | Incoming and outgoing logistics | Insurance | Integrations

Delivery Management

nShift_Post Purchase Returns-1

Post-purchase experience

Enhance post-purchase experience from point-of-purchase to returns, building customer loyalty and creating repeat customers. See how nShift enables better customer journeys with informative tracking notifications and simple returns.

Order tracking | Retailer brand experience | Remarketing | Returns management

Post Purchase and Returns

Order Tracking

nShift__Emissions Tracker

Emissions tracking & reporting

Reduce complexity and prepare for new emissions tracking and reporting regulations. nShift unlocks effortless emissions tracking so retailers can easily manage complex reporting requirements and use increased visibility to lower their carbon footprint.

Emissions tracking | Sustainable shipping options | Customer choice | Carbon offsetting

Emissions Tracker


Transport management systems (TMS)

Streamline operations and drive value with improved visibility over the supply chain.

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Solutions that enable a world-class delivery experience

nShift is constantly innovating and investing in cutting-edge delivery & experience management (DMXM) technology to strengthen links between brands and their customers.

Grow beyond limits

nShift solves cross-border logistics issues in real time, enabling stable, efficient growth.

Connect end-to-end customer journeys

Successful brands evolve to meet customer needs. nShift provides delivery management that increases efficiency and helps businesses improve the entire delivery experience.

Unify data-tight integrated ecommerce

Collect and analyze delivery data from carriers and returns to gain insights and optimize delivery experience. Exceptional experience management is built on unified data from the world’s largest carrier library.

Integrate with your current systems

nShift sets the standard for carrier and partner integration with an ever-growing and evolving network.

Enabling multi-carrier delivery & experience management - from Checkout through to Returns

End-to-end services - create-outlines-updated

Build loyalty with exceptional end-to-end delivery experience

Discover the exceptional delivery experience we enable with our Checkout, Track and Returns solutions by exploring our post-purchase demo site.

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nShift customer solutions by the numbers


of our customers see ROI within the first year


higher ecommerce checkout conversions


of all returns converted to exchanges, protecting your revenue


increase in warehouse production


reduction in support calls

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