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More checkout options leads to more sales for Scandinavian Luxury Group


Scandinavian Luxury Group were already using nShift Delivery when, in Spring 2021, they decided to improve their webshop checkout by implementing Qliro’s checkout and payment solution, with delivery options provided through an integration with nShift. Result? Fewer abandonments – and lots more satisfied customers.

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Qliro helps Nordic e-retailers boost sales and increase profitability by offering a flexible and customer-friendly payment solution with various and popular payment methods.

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The Challenge

Through its Uret and Lamastone stores, Scandinavian Luxury Group sells exclusive watches and jewelry at very competitive prices. The company has been using nShift since it first started delivering to customers in 2007. With nShift’s help, it now sends around 50,000 items through the platform every year and has expanded into 15 markets including the Nordics, Benelux, Bulgaria, Czech, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

The team at Scandinavian Luxury Group has always been satisfied with their nShift Delivery solution. But in 2021, they saw an opportunity to take it to the next level, by adding nShift Checkout to the platform and integrating it with Qliro’s checkout to create an improved customer experience for their webshop customers.

When we learned about the nShift and Qliro checkout solution, we decided to implement it so we could provide customers with a better experience, from the moment they choose their watch right up until they wear it.

  • Pontus Sjöberg
  • Co-founder at Scandinavian Luxury Group

The Solution

When a customer purchases an item at Scandinavian Luxury Group’s online store, they can now choose between getting it sent to their address or (if they want a less expensive and potentially more convenient option) to a selected carrier drop-off point where they can go and pick it up themselves. Through Qliro, they can also choose to pay straight away or after delivery, for example through an invoice or in instalments.

The solution is tailored to each customer’s location, so everyone at the checkout sees messages in their local language and prices are displayed in their local currency. As Pontus Sjöberg, Co-founder at Scandinavian Luxury Group, explains: “Our customers typically spend a lot of time searching for information about their watches, so we knew we had to make the purchase experience quick and easy for them. The speed and simplicity offered by nShift and Qliro help us improve our conversion rate while also providing better options to our customers.”

It’s a solution that delivers a lot more flexibility. And not just for customers but for Scandinavian Luxury Group as well – because the options available at the checkout can be easily adapted and updated without having to get a professional web developer to make the changes each time.

Two Qliro watches on display

Impact of nShift and Qliro checkout solution

increase in order value
fewer carts abandoned at checkout
Increase in conversion rate

The Results

The enhancements nShift and Qliro have brought to Scandinavian Luxury Group’s checkout have had an instant impact on customer behavior. With a wider variety of payment and delivery options to choose from, 25% more site visitors are adding items to their shopping carts and 20% fewer carts are being abandoned at the checkout. And the purchases customers are making are worth more too. In fact, order value has gone up 28% since the new solution was implemented. 

And it’s not just at the checkout that nShift is helping to fuel Scandinavian Luxury Group’s growth. The platform is also supporting the company’s expansion into circular fashion through a new service that gives customers the opportunity to sell their old watch or trade it for a new or second-hand one. It’s an innovation that is set to push sales up even further for Scandinavian Luxury Group while also helping the business to become more sustainable.

Our customers typically spend a lot of time searching for information about their watches, so we knew we had to make the purchase moment easy for them. The speed and simplicity offered by Qliro and nShift help us improve our conversion rate while also providing better options to our customers.

Pontus Sjöberg, Co-founder at Scandinavian Luxury Group


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