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RevolutionRace wins customers with nShift


RevolutionRace used to offer standard shipping options – and nothing more. With nShift Checkout, they can now give their customers the flexible delivery choices they are looking for.

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The Challenge

When RevolutionRace decided to launch a new website, they had to choose whether to add all possible logistics services themselves or find a product that already includes everything. Given the speed that logistics services change, and the fact that they send products to lots of other countries, it was not a difficult choice at all.


RevolutionRace and nShift Checkout


The Solution

RevolutionRace doesn’t have its own storage solution, so it uses nShift Checkout as a standalone module. The solution is primarily incorporated in Klarna Shipping Service but is also supplemented by the nShift widget. This is for markets, such as Italy and the Czech Republic, where Klarna isn’t operating yet or where other payment solutions are more common. "Target is to add 2 to 4 new markets per year" Linus says and this is where nShift Checkout is helping RevolutionRace grow as well. 


Our priority was to get up and running quickly with as little hassle as possible. We want to be able to offer the delivery options requested by our customers in the different markets and their respective languages. And that is exactly the outcome we got.

Linus Andrén, CTO at RevolutionRace

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