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Topformula secures 28% increase in order value with nShift and Walley


Having successfully automated their shipping process with nShift Delivery, e-commerce company Topformula was looking to improve its customers’ shopping experiences even further by providing a wider range of delivery options at the checkout. Their solution, a partnership between nShift and payment provider, Walley, has helped raise order value, conversion rates and customer satisfaction higher than ever.

Solution delivered in partnership with Walley

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As a payment service partner for large merchants in the Nordic region, Walley develops solutions that make payments smarter, easier and safer for both merchants and consumers.

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Delivery and Checkout integrated with Walley

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The Challenge

Topformula is one of Sweden’s leading companies for the development and production of dietary supplements. They pride themselves on having a fantastic choice of products – and wanted to be able to offer customers a wide range of delivery options as well.

 As Topformula’s CEO, Fredric Boson explains: “Offering a wide range of delivery options is needed to create a positive shopping experience for the customer. Just like different payment methods, different delivery options provide different types of value to different customers. We wanted our customers to have as much choice as possible.”

Being able to offer an all-in-one solution with complete integration creates a high level of credibility among our customers, as well as better stability for us

Fredric Boson, CEO at Topformula


The Solution

Initially, Topformula attempted to build their own system for managing shipment flow. The solution, however, never made it to launch. “We came up against so many bugs when we tried connecting all the systems together,” Fredric says. “That’s why we ultimately chose to put our solution to one side and implement the all-in-one solution offered by nShift and Walley instead.”

 This all-in-one solution integrates nShift Checkout with Walley’s shipping module to create a fully optimized checkout process in which identification, delivery method and payment are all in sync.


nShift and Walley deliver

increase in order value
Increase in conversion rate

The Results

The impact of nShift and Walley’s integrated solution on Topformula’s business has been immediate and impressive.

 Fredric says: “We’re seeing a clear increase in customer satisfaction and conversion with a 4% increase in conversion and a 28% increase in order value. For those of us who already have a good conversion rate, these are great numbers. We’re also seeing effects in the form of customers contacting us and thanking us for the opportunity to choose what best suits them. My checkout has to work perfectly and provide a positive customer experience, which this solution does.”

 The new solution also makes it easy for the company to add new delivery methods and continually enhance the range of options available to their online customers. So, which delivery method does the CEO prefer when shopping online?

 “I have two favorites. Instabox and Early Bird. I appreciate the accuracy and speed of Instabox,” Fredric says of the sustainable solution designed to benefit customers, businesses and the planet. “They really deliver what they promise. I also like the convenience of Early Bird, as I get my shopping left outside the door.”

My checkout has to work perfectly and provide a positive customer experience, which this solution does.

Fredric Boson, CEO at Topformula

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