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Finntack prepares to speed up and scale up with nShift


For many years, Finntack has relied on nShift to make their delivery management process simpler, faster and more reliable. Now, as they gallop toward a period of rapid growth, the company is looking to use the flexibility of the nShift platform to achieve scalable growth and help take their webshop to the next level.

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The Challenge

Finntack is Europe’s largest manufacturer and retailer of trotting products, with outlets in Finland, Sweden, Norway and France. Their webshop delivers to customers across the continent.

 As one of the horse industry’s earliest internet pioneers, the company has long relied on nShift to help them achieve efficiency in their delivery management process. The Finntack team currently uses nShift Delivery to manage carriers and print shipping labels quickly and accurately, and nShift Checkout to ensure consumers can select the delivery options they want.

 But times are changing – and changing fast. Last year, Finntack sent out 30,000 shipments from its logistics centre in Lahti, Finland. This year, that figure is on course to reach 50,000. The forecast for next year has it rising all the way to 80,000.

 How can the team ensure they meet rising demand for deliveries without experiencing any loss of speed or quality?

The nShift platform makes it very easy for us to onboard new carriers, wherever and whenever we need.”

Jukka Nevanlinna, Logistics Manager for Finntack       

The Solution

Finntack’s rapid growth is being driven predominantly by B2C orders. And, as the company’s Logistics Manager, Jukka Nevanlinna, explains, the expectations of online consumers everywhere are increasing all the time. “Customers want their orders to arrive quicker and quicker. Next-day or even same-day delivery are becoming even more common. So we need to keep looking at ways to enhance the delivery options we offer.”

 And this is where nShift comes in. Jukka again: “The nShift platform makes it very easy for us to onboard new carriers, wherever and whenever we need. This is going to be critical for us in the future, as we identify and implement new solutions to meet consumer demand.”

Returns is another area where Jukka and the team are looking for additional support. He says: “Due to the nature of the products we are adding to our range, we anticipate our return rate rising above 10% for the first time. Having a quick and accurate system for managing returns is going to be imperative, so we are now looking at enhancing our solution with nShift Return.”


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