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Customers and regulators increasingly expect sustainability in shipping. We help businesses to lower last-mile emissions, gather actionable data on their progress, simplify emissions reporting and build customer engagement along their net zero journey.

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Prepare the enterprise for CSRD

Through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), emissions tracking will be compulsory for 50,000 companies that do business in the EU. nShift Emissions Tracker simplifies CSRD reporting and aids compliance, making it easy to identify methods for reducing emissions from deliveries.

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Give customers the more sustainable options they want

60% of consumers consider a company’s sustainability record when deciding where to make a purchase.[1] 88% of shoppers expect brands to help them live more sustainably.[2] nShift’s delivery & experience management (DMXM) platform enables retailers to meet consumer demands throughout the customer lifecycle.



As well as tracking and managing emissions, nShift can help retailers to:

  • Offer sustainable delivery options that customers can choose when completing checkout.
  • Clearly badge sustainable delivery selections so customers can easily identify their choices and make informed decisions.
  • Provide offset schemes and charitable giving by setting up delivery options that trigger charitable donations, such as restoring natural habitats or removing rubbish from the sea.
  • Make returns digital, running user-friendly online returns processes so returns labels are only printed when needed.

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nShift__Emissions Tracker
Simplify compliance reporting and identify carbon-reduction opportunities with nShift Emissions Tracker. Track, report and manage emissions using shipment-level data and industry-recognized tariffs.

Emissions Tracker

Discover Emissions Tracker
Engage customers with more sustainable delivery options and build customer loyalty with our optimized Checkout solution.



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Prepare for CSRD with simplified reporting

Get started with nShift Emissions Tracker today to meet CSRD compliance requirements and help identify quick wins for reducing delivery emissions.

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