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Essential tips for retailers to scale up and build loyalty on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles’ Day

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Scaling up and building loyalty

Black Friday takes place on Friday the 29th of November 2024 and kicks off the Christmas shopping season.  For retailers around the world, it marks the beginning of the busiest time of year.

During major sales events, low prices alone will be insufficient for businesses to remain competitive. While consumers seek discounts, they are also unwilling to compromise on delivery quality.

Offering affordable products but failing to provide satisfactory shipping and fulfillment services is unlikely to meet customer expectations.

Meeting increased demand

During peak times, retailers need adequate resources to meet demand. Timely deliveries are crucial as customers expect punctuality. Any shipping mishaps can erode trust between the retailer and the shopper.

Retailers must have access to the right carriers to ensure transport capacity during busy periods.  They also need to make sure that the information they display at checkout matches the reality of the warehouse.

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Black Friday 2022

A greener Black Friday

Shoppers are growing increasingly eco-conscious. They care about the impact of their carbon footprint on the planet.  They expect the people they do business with to share their values.

Retailers can enhance their own environmental credentials by offering more sustainable delivery options and promoting offsetting schemes.

Read our guide for four tips toward sustainable shipping this Black Friday.



Winning new customers with a great customer experience

Consumers have increasingly high expectations of the online shopping experience. And the shipping process is part and parcel of the overall customer experience.

Today’s shoppers expect regular updates on the status of their delivery. They assume they will be able to view those updates through the social channels that are relevant to them, not the communication methods that are convenient for the retailer.

Creating the right customer experience can build loyalty for the long term. But when consumers feel let down by the delivery experience, they will shop around for another one.

Check out our infographic “Five delivery experience tips to make customers buy




Retail readiness for Cyber Monday

For many retailers, sales from Cyber Monday are now level-pegging with those from Black Friday.  The event takes place on Monday 2 December 2024 and the average shopper is set to spend more than $300 during course of the day.

Cyber Monday's success will not come from discounting alone. Low prices and targeted marketing may attract customers, but this is only half the battle. Retailers cannot - must not - neglect winning at both ends of the shopping journey. This means ensuring stock is plentiful and supply chains are fluid, right through to providing a delivery experience that will keep customers coming back long after the seasonal fanfare has passed.

Read our guide on steps retailers can take to get ready for Cyber Monday.


Seamless Returns

Depending on the sector 10%, 20% or even 30% of online purchases could end up being returned. If retailers fail to put a clear returns process in place, shoppers will be less likely to buy in the first place.

One of the best ways to reduce the volume of returns, is to understand what issues are causing consumers to send items back and to work to reduce them. Running a digital returns process creates instant access to returns data. It becomes easier to spot patterns and find solutions.

Read our white paper “From returns to retention” to learn more about how the right returns process can build loyalty with shoppers.



Get ready for Singles’ Day

Despite rarely being mentioned outside Southeast Asia, Singles’ Day is now the biggest shopping day of the year.  It takes place on 11 November 2024.

Online retailers and webshops need to be ready to take advantage of the surge in interest.  This means ensuring sufficient capacity and being prepared to keep customers up to date on the status of deliveries as packages travel the globe.

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We can help online retailers and webshops scale up for the busiest time of the year.  By providing tracking and communications capabilities, we can help them improve their customer experience.  We can work with retailers to create a cutting-edge checkout and returns offer.

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