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Black Friday 2023

Learn the lessons from Black Friday 2022 and start preparing the best possible shopping experience

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Learning lessons from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Events such as Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to offer huge opportunities for retailers and web shops to win new customers and grow revenue. But as consumers become more familiar with weeks of deals and discounts, they continue to look for more from the online shopping experience.

Just because a customer knows they are getting a good deal on price doesn’t mean that they are prepared to compromise on the quality of the delivery.

A retailer that can offer their customer a range of delivery options can build a competitive advantage. Customers expect constant communication from the seller during the delivery process. And they expect the company they are buying from to be able to stick to the delivery promises it makes on the website.

This online hub will help retailers and web shops learn lessons from big events such as Black Friday, Singles’ Day and Cyber Monday. Businesses can use these lessons to build a better customer experience ahead of next year.

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Black Friday 2022

Find out how to maximize revenue on Black Friday

Once a customer has decided to buy, it’s vital to make the rest of the experience as easy as possible. Here’s how:

Shipping Insurance - DeliveryHub 1

Checkout delivery options

30% of consumers are more likely to choose a retailer if they can specify the delivery options

Discover Checkout
customer experience


84% won’t come back to a retailer if they have a poor returns experience

Discover Returns

Sustainable options

93% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable delivery options

Explore sustainability
A good delivery experience means customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart

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Getting ahead of competitors with our expert advice

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We will release more tips and guidance to help retailers and web shops prepare to create the right customer experience, build incremental revenue and achieve scalable growth.

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