How retailers can go greener this Black Friday

How retailers can go greener this Black Friday

nShift releases four steps toward sustainable shipping

This Black Friday deals and discounts will not be enough to appeal to increasingly eco-conscious consumers. According to nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software, shoppers will be seeking a sustainable experience.

Recent research reveals that consumers are more environmentally focused than ever before. Some 60% claim that a company’s sustainability credentials influence their purchasing decisions.[1] As well as seeking to buy sustainable products, they are equally concerned about how their purchase is delivered. As many as 91% of online shoppers expect to find an eco-friendly delivery option at the checkout.

In its latest guide “How retailers can deliver a greener Black FridaynShift has created a list of four steps toward sustainable shipping for black Friday and beyond:

  1. Offer sustainable delivery options – growing concerns around their own carbon footprint mean that many consumers are prepared to wait for a delivery if it means reducing emissions.
  2. Optimize “last-mile” deliveries – if warehouses have real-time information on what will arrive when, they can make last-mile deliveries as efficient as possible, avoiding unnecessary repetition.
  3. Track emissions and create a benchmark for improvement – strategies to improve emissions are only meaningful if businesses have accurate information on the current state of play and whether their strategies are working.
  4. Reduce waste by converting unwanted purchases into exchanges – a third of Black Friday purchases are returned. But if they are easy for warehouses to relist for purchase they can quickly be sold again.

Richard Anderson, Chief Customer Officer at nShift said: “Today’s shoppers are more sustainably minded than ever. This Black Friday, discounts won’t be enough to attract their attention. They will want to be convinced by the environmental credentials of the companies they are buying from. By offering environmentally-friendly delivery options, and taking other measures to tackle emissions, retailers and web shops can help give consumers the sustainable shopping experience they seek.”

Download the full guide: “How retailers can deliver a greener Black Friday - four steps toward sustainable shipping in November and beyond.

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