Consumers “feel guilty” when they don’t shop sustainably

Consumers “feel guilty” when they don’t shop sustainably

Retailers should consider sustainable delivery options

Retailers should consider sustainable delivery options, as shoppers confess to feeling guilty about buying from businesses that are not eco-friendly.

A new survey reveals that two thirds of shoppers (65%) consider the environment before making a purchase. Some 45% of consumers believe that their purchase has the power to make positive change.[1]

Richard Anderson, Chief Customer Officer, at nShift, said, “Retailers know that consumers seek environmentally friendly purchases. But their commitment to sustainable shopping goes beyond the product itself. Increasingly, people are looking for more sustainable delivery options and many are prepared to wait longer for their product to arrive, in order to reduce emissions.

nShift has the largest carrier library in the world, making it easier for retailers to offer the right delivery option. With our Checkout solution, our customers can present consumers with a range of delivery options, which can increase conversions by 20%.”

In a recent whitepaper, “Retail 2022: When technology & sustainability meet”, nShift explores how retailers can implement greener strategies and practices into their business and showcase these to their customers. Illustrated with real-world examples throughout, the paper looks at:

  • How to utilize popular tech trends to become greener
  • Sustainability protocols for retailers to consider
  • Key considerations for retailers looking to become greener

With nShift Checkout, retailers can give customers the delivery options they want. It can be customized to the look and feel of any web shop. It is quick and easy to set up. This all makes it easier for retailers to create new revenue opportunities, build customer loyalty and deliver a better customer experience.


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